Scorer Bios

All the deer images used in this game were scored by a panelist of professional wildlife biologists and hunting guides that make their living on precise gross score estimates. Below is a little background on each.

John Burrell

A certified wildlife biologist and award-winning outfitter, John cut his teeth in the whitetail world by managing one of the south's premier whitetail hunting operations. From there he went on to start an international outfitting business for Mossy Oak and was the youngest partner in their recreational property business Mossy Oak Properties. It was John’s experience that led to him becoming one of the most respected outfitters in the country as President and CEO of High Adventure Company. John's destinations have been featured on Under Wild Skies, North American Whitetail TV, Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country, She Safari's Beyond the Lodge and virtually all of the countries top sporting magazines as well at the New York Times. Being a longtime whitetail enthusiast, John and a business partner started a division of High Adventure Company, Whitetail Destinations, dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of trophy whitetails. Featuring locations in 7 of the top 10 Boone and Crockett producing states, Whitetail Destinations produces some incredible trophies year after year. It has taken years of research and dedication to produce and manage properties capable of producing record book caliber whitetails and John has the experience and resume to prove it.

Lamar Smith

Born and raised in South Texas, Lamar has farmed and hunted South Texas all of his life. For 9 month out of the year, he is a large scale cotton and grain farmer and the other 3 month he serves as head guide of the Novillos, Whitetail Destination's premier South Texas ranch. With the emergence of custom-hunting and outfitting in the early 1990's, Lamar decided to use his hunting skills and lifelong passion for the outdoors for more than recreation. Starting in 1993, he managed guiding and hunting operations for three area ranchers totaling over 9000 acres of highly sought after prime white-tailed deer country in the Starr Country area. On each of these ranches, they have utilized all of the tried-and-true practices of dietary, genetics and herd control to produce trophy caliber whitetails of a lifetime. As head guide, Lamar has been intimately involved in the herd management and evaluation process of each ranch by participating in dozens of camera and helicopter surveys over the last 20 years. Over his career, he has guided over 200 different clients to a successful trophy whitetail harvest.

Dave Edwards, Jr.

Dave is manger of Westervelt Wildlife Services and a Certified Wildlife Biologist with more than 15 years of professional experience managing wildlife and wildlife habitat on both public and private lands. Dave also has a wide range of habitat management experience throughout the south and is a certified burn manager and herbicide applicator. Dave has been involved in numerous research and management projects of wildlife species native to the Southeast including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, wood duck, black bear, Florida Panther and alligators. His experience as a life-long hunter further contributes to Dave’s ability to develop innovative habitat management and recreational property plans that satisfy the needs of hunters, landowners and wildlife. Dave specializes in recreational property management, specifically, white-tailed deer, quail and turkey, trophy deer management in high fenced properties and developing innovative wildlife food plot, habitat management and hunting strategies for landowners. Dave was named the Quality Deer Management Association’s 2007 Al Brothers Professional Deer Manager of the year during the 2007 QDMA National Convention & Whitetail Expo, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Named for former Texas Wildlife Biologist Al Brothers, who is generally recognized as the father of Quality Deer Management, this annual award goes to a full-time wildlife and habitat manager for contributions to deer, deer hunting and deer management.

Ryan Basinger

Ryan is the Wildlife Consulting Manager of Westervelt Wildlife Services and a Wildlife Biologist with a broad range of professional experience managing wildlife populations and their habitats on public and private lands throughout the Southeast. Ryan has conducted research on a variety of species and habitats where he examined the effects of various forest management techniques on nesting and brood-rearing habitat for wild turkeys as well as browse production, availability, preference, and nutrition for white-tailed deer. Ryan also has conducted extensive food plot research where he compared production, nutrition, preference, and availability of various forages planted for deer. Ryan specializes in habitat management and recreational property development, specifically for white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, quail, and waterfowl. He also focuses on quality deer management as well as trophy deer management in high fenced properties and develops innovative wildlife population and habitat management plans to assist private landowners in reaching their property management goals.

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