Frequent Asked Questions

Here are a couple questions we have received about the game.

Q. What does it cost to register or play?
A. Not a thing. It is free to register and play and if you are the high scorer for the month that we are giving out one of our prizes donated by our sponsors, you'll get it for free.

Q. Will you sell my email address or information?

A. Absolutely NO. You will only receive information from Field Judge or its creator Outdoors Interactive

Q. Will you bombard me with emails after I register?

A. We will only send out emails when we are releasing a new series of images and a corresponding prize for the month.

Q. How do you play the game?
A. See the How To Play page for full details

Q. How are the scores figured?
A. Many of the deer pictured are known deer with know deer scores. All the other images were scored by a panelist of professional wildlife biologists and hunting guides that make their living on precise gross score estimates. You may read our scorers biography on the Scorer Bios page.

Q. How is the player ranking figured?

A. The ranking is figured mathematically based on a formula of how many deer scored compared to the lowest margin of error. A lower of margin of error on a few images will not rank as high as a low margin of error on a higher number of deer estimated. It is advantageous to score more deer for a higher ranking.

If you have any more questions, send them to us on the Contact Page.

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