How to Play the Game

We have intentionally designed the game to be as simple as possible to play. To get started, ensure that your computer has the Flash Player installed.

1. Click to the "Play the Game" link at the top of this page.

2. If you have not registered, click on "Sign Up" and enter your information to start playing and have your score/margin of error recorded.

3. After logging in, you will be shown a deer image. In the right hand side enter your estimated gross score of the whitetail in the picture and hit submit. A screen will pop up with the actual score and what you guessed and what your margin of error was for that image.

If you want that skip this particular image, hit "Skip". Your score will not be penalized.

4. After seeing the actual score screen, hit "next image" and proceed to the next deer. That is it!!

After completing all the images, you will reach a final overall score screen with your total score. Don't be disappointed at reaching the end because we will add new images to the database every month. Loggin in on your next visit will start you out with the new images and add them to your final score. The images added each month have a separate leaderboard for that specific month that make you elligable for monthly highscore sponsor prizes.

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